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Migration services in Melbourne

From visas to citizenship, we can offer expert help and advice

At Luscombe Immigration, our experienced and qualified professionals can provide you with an easy and effective path to living in Australia. Wherever you are in the world, Luscombe Immigration’s migration services in Melbourne can help you.


We can help you with personal visa applications, visa extensions, and any other necessary paperwork. We can help you follow the best avenues to come to or stay in Australia and we can guarantee that your applications will be lodged in a timely manner. Call Luscombe Immigration to find out more about our migration services in Melbourne.


If you have been studying in Australia and are wondering whether you can stay longer, speak to one of our consultants today. The Australian Government has options for overseas students to apply for permanent residence after you finish your studies. Call Luscombe Immigration today for professional assistance with migration services in Melbourne.


Immigration rules are very complex and deportation can be a real threat for some migrants. There are many reasons for deportation; some are legitimate and others are caused by mistakes or misunderstandings. If you are facing deportation rulings, contact Luscombe Immigration today. With our assistance, the process can be much easier to navigate and we can increase your chances of a successful outcome.